Weekly Update: Good morning! This week is looking like a darn good week.  Why am I so excited?  To start with, this is the last week of February.  I can feel the warmth of April just around the corner (yes, I am skipping March).  This is great news since we left a polar vortex, and we are now in a bomb cyclone.  I need to become a meteorologist, as I

Weekly Update: Good morning! I am excited to announce that McQueen Financial Advisors is growing! We have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a staunch competitor, Balance Sheet Solutions, based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices in Illinois, New York, Colorado, and California.  We are acquiring their asset liability management, ALM validations, investment management, and mortgage servicing rights valuation businesses. I am excited about this new chapter in our history

Weekly Update: Good morning! This week is looking like a darn good week.  Why am I so excited on a Monday?  To start with, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so we should have an early spring.  This is great news, since we live in a polar vortex, and my daughter has had more snow days than school days this year (slight exaggeration).   Also, daylight savings is only a

Weekly Update: Good morning! Happy Monday after a not so super Super Bowl.  I am conflicted with the event.  Why?  Tom Brady is a Michigan man, so I am happy for him winning.  Yet it was a boring game.  I have to admit that I did fall asleep in the 4th quarter. A defensive controlled, low scoring game is not the most exciting game for a casual fan.  This reminds

Weekly Update: Good morning! It is winter here at our office in the northern suburbs of Detroit.  Schools are closed today because of the threat (by weather forecasters) of a snowstorm that should have started several hours ago.  The weather forecasters remind me that all forecasters are flawed by definition.   A forecast is a lot like how I cook.  Forecasters use a little historical data, and then they grab

Weekly Update: Good morning! The US Government shut down has entered the 32nd day, and is by far the longest government shut down.  One is poised to ask the question: Does what has not been open for a month affect me?  Well, I can tell you with a resounding answer, yes, one thing.  My known traveler number expired, and I had to go through the full TSA screening.  I now

Weekly Update: Good morning! The current government shut down has now become the longest ever.  All nonessential services are furloughed until the government opens.   Some employees, like the TSA, are working and not getting paid.   Economic activity will decline with the government closed. The yield curve remains inverted with the following US Treasury yields: 1 year = 2.55 2 year = 2.51 3 year = 2.48 An inverted yield curve

Weekly Update: Good morning! We are roaring into the second week of 2019. The economic data remains mixed so far this year.  Job growth was surprisingly strong last month, and some sales data disappointed.   The government remains closed with the budget impasse.  This is now the second longest closure. Please contact your advisor to discuss strategies to manage your portfolio and balance sheet in these volatile times.

Weekly Update: Good morning! Merry Christmas! On this beautiful morning, I am thinking of family and the spirit of Christmas. I encourage everyone to take time and enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. McQueen Financial Advisors has the following holiday hours for the remainder of the year: December 24 – Early close December 25 – Closed December 31 – Early close January 1 – Closed On the economic

Weekly Update: Good afternoon, The Fed raised the Fed Fund target rate a quarter point to 2.25% – 2.50%! This is their fourth increase this year. Although the increase was widely expected, their statement has become more dovish than prior statements. Their statement acknowledges some weakness in the economy and their willingness to be more patient in 2019. Here at McQueen we are seeing low inflation, softening real estate markets,