McQueen Financial Advisors, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the valuation of financial institutions and related assets. With our personal commitment to the highest standards, clients can trust that we provide valuation analyses that are well-reasoned, clear, concise, and supportable.

Our Merger Valuation Service provides you with a detailed purchase accounting analysis to ensure you have the best information to make decisions and book the purchase correctly. Our reports concisely summarize the information to determine the value and assist in the decision-making process.

Types of transactions:

We have assisted numerous credit unions on basic (credit union to credit union) mergers. We completed the first merger of a credit union acquiring a mutual savings bank and the first merger of a credit union acquiring a stock held bank. Our valuations have been utilized in several high profile mergers. We fully support our work.

We offer the following reports/valuations:

  • Balance Sheet Valuation
  • Core Deposit Intangible Analysis
  • Business (Forward Earnings) Valuation
  • Asset & Liability Valuations
  • Merger Valuations
  • Purchase Price Valuations
  • Taxi Medallions
  • ESOP Advisory
  • Complex Securities & Financial Instruments
  • Loan Portfolios