As an SEC-registered, fee-based investment advisor, McQueen Financial provides the following financial advisory services to financial institutions:

Fixed Income Investment Portfolio Management

  • Financial Institutions fixed income investment portfolio management
  • Bond portfolio management
  • Investment policy development and review

Asset Liability Management

  • ALM policy development and review
  • Quarterly or monthly on-site Asset Liability Management reviews
  • Net Economic Value of Equity Analysis
  • Net Interest Margin Simulations

Asset Liability Management Review and Validation

  • Ensure appropriateness to industry and regulatory standards
  • Third party review of Asset Liability model
  • Validation of assumptions and interest rate risk measurement methodology

Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation

  • Independent, third party market valuation
  • Original Mortgage Servicing Rights Management services
  • Risk-tranche level reporting
  • Testing for impairment of value

Trust Department Portfolio Management

  • Cash management
  • Income generation
  • Personalized fixed income investment portfolios

Strategic Consulting

  • Management and board level training and education
  • On-site consulting
  • Regulatory assistance