We provide financial institutions with expert, personal, professional, results-oriented services

Standard Investment Portfolio

We analyze your financial institution to develop a desired portfolio structure by:

  • Developing an investment policy that fits your unique needs
  • Developing your investment strategy in relation to your ALM position
  • Facilitating investment transactions and providing detailed monthly investment reports
  • Identifying, analyzing, and recommending credit-worthy opportunities to meet your objectives
  • Provide continual monitoring of your investments to ensure long-term success
  • Provide proprietary in-house created quarterly credit reviews and ratings
  • Identify and achieve the least cost execution

Alternative Portfolio Management

Employee Benefit Pre-Funding (EBPA)

    We have extensive experience and success in funding retirement benefits or any other type of benefit that fits your needs. Our process is simple, and it is accounting standard and regulatory compliant We will enable you to achieve your goals in three simple steps:

    Step One: Determination of your needs
    Step Two: Development of a funding schedule
    Step Three: Determine risk tolerance
    Step Four: Determination of the assets and asset mix required to fund the need


    McQueen Financial Advisors can provide the benefit you need at little to no additional cost.

Charitable Donation Account (CDA)

    We have extensive experience and success in the creation and management of charitable donation accounts. Our process is simple, and it is accounting standard and regulatory compliant We will enable you to achieve your charitable and social goals.

Example of Portfolio Structures

    After we complete the above process, we provide the Credit Union with our recommendations. A sample of potential portfolios includes the following:

  • Conservative Bond
  • Bond and Preferred Stock
  • Equity
  • Preferred Stock
  • Preferred Stock and Equity
  • Preferred Stock, Bond and Equity (Balanced Portfolio)

Outsourced CIO

Strategic advice includes:

  • Forward-looking actionable strategic recommendations
  • Understanding the impact of different interest rate scenarios on profitability
  • Liquidity and capital management
  • Development of cost-effective marketing and growth strategy
  • Budget and scenario “what-If” analysis and planning
  • Educational opportunity for your Board of Directors
  • Product offering and design
  • Product pricing and profitability

Quality ALM reports include:

    McQueen Financial Advisors ALM reports surpass regulatory requirements. The reports are delivered in two formats. The first report is an executive summary that is designed for all levels of management as well as your Board of Directors. The second, more detailed ALM package is designed for financial professionals, accountants and regulators.

    In addition to our standard ALM reports, McQueen Financial Advisors offers several additional ALM related analytical reports. The reports are designed to enhance the value of your ALM reports and provide additional insights into your interest rate risk position and balance sheet. These optional reports have significant value for clients, especially as they grow in size and complexity.

Additional Reports:

  • Core Deposit Study
  • Loan Prepayment Speed Analysis
  • Assumption Sensitivity Analysis
  • ALM Back Testing
  • ALM Validation
  • Liquidity Stress Testing
  • Concentration Risk Analysis
  • CUSIP Level Shock Reports
  • Benchmarking Portfolio Duration Analysis

Integrity Investment Management

    We have a singular focus on your investment portfolio and goals

    As a fiduciary manager, your best interest is always first. We have no conflict. of interest with in-house products, inventory that needs to be sold, underwriting deals, investment banking, brokerage, lending, or anything that is not solely focused on your best interest. You will speak with us multiple times a year about your customized portfolio so we stay current with your goals and objectives.

    At Integrity Wealth Management, you provide the vision and guidance and we provide the expertise and management. As a Fiduciary, we are only guided by your best interest. When you win we win. If you are looking for a personal service and experienced bespoke investment management built on trust, you have found a home.

    Integrity Wealth Management is a fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor bound both legally and ethically to act in your best interest. Our goal is a long-term relationship that is both profitable and productive for both parties based on integrity, honesty, and respect.

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We provide financial institutions with expert, personal, professional, results-oriented service designed to provide a competitive advantage in an ever-changing industry.

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