Weekly Update: Good morning! We are in the last few days of what we call Asset Liability Management (ALM) season. What is ALM season? It is the busy time of a quarter when we are presenting ALM reports to our clients. We finalize our reports and meet with our clients to dispense timely advise. It is a busy and extremely fun time at McQueen Financial. This ALM season is a

Weekly Update: Good morning! It is exciting to talk about the new loan and lease loss reserve process that is called Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) which is why everyone keeps asking for more information! *A disclaimer: People who sell products to people are product salespeople. Positions which will probably be replaced by Amazon or Wall Mart. All of us at McQueen Financial feel that we are partners with our

Weekly Update: Good Morning! I am looking out over the peacefully quiet horizon contemplating what to write about the economy in my Monday morning MFA musings. I feel that the economy is going well. Overheating? I think the answer is not yet. But, there are a few signals that are popping up on the horizon that are making me think more carefully on this topic. The concerns that have caught

Weekly Update: Happy August! The sun is out, and it is summer. And, school starts in 3 to 4 weeks…. I keep hearing the question “when is the recession starting?” I also keep hearing the statement “a recession will happen next year, or early 2020.”   I ask why they feel this way. The two main answers are: We have been in the longest economic expansion ever. The yield curve

Weekly Update: Good Morning! We have three newsworthy economic releases to ponder this week: There is exciting news for the economy as the U.S. GDP grew at a rate of 4.1% for the second quarter of 2018. It is the fastest growth rate in almost four years. This reflects the jump in consumer and government spending. This should not be a surprise as we have talked extensively about deposits and

Weekly Update: Good morning! Today is the two-for day as we have two topics to discuss: The first topic is the plethora of economic data. These are a few of the titles that we saw this week: • First-time jobless claims fell to the lowest levels since 1969. • Worker shortages, rising costs hemming in U.S. economy, Fed’s Beige Book finds. • U.S. housing starts tumble in June. The economy

Weekly Update: Good morning! The world is full of naysayers. It is easy to say one cannot do something versus actually getting up off of the couch and doing it yourself. And, just as I give the advice, I will be reminded that I thought the French would never win the World Cup and Tesla would never increase production. Congratulations France on a 4-2 victory! Along the same line, Elon

Weekly Update: Happy post-July 4th holiday week! The hotdog infused lethargy is still lingering. Also, the 90+ degree heat in Michigan has caused a little sunburn to develop. I hope your holiday was a success with all of the traditional events. Las Vegas was a little untraditional last night as Travis Pastrana recreated Evil Knievel’s three major jumps live on TV. He even landed the one the Evil did not.

Weekly Update: Happy July! The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776. The document was written on July 2nd by Thomas Jefferson. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Just 242 years ago today Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress created the foundation of our amazing country. Our independence along with the foundation of entrepreneurship, individualism, and creativity has made the USA the best place to live. With

Weekly Update: Happy summer! We officially had the longest day of the year last week. It is fun, and tiring, that the sun sets at 9:30 PM in Michigan. My daughter goes to bed earlier when it is dark. The economic world continues to roll forward with the economic expansion improving. Of concern is the focus on tariffs which may be based on the verbal comments or the negotiation tactics