Weekly Update: Good morning and happy Monday! The bond and stock markets are closed today in observance of Columbus Day. The unrest in the repo market has led the Federal Reserve to announce that it is going to buy U.S. Treasuries to stabilize the market.  The Fed plans on buying 60 billion dollars in U.S. Treasuries a month, starting in mid-October and continuing at least through the second quarter of

Weekly Update: Good morning and happy Monday! Economic reports continued to be mixed.  On the positive side, the unemployment rate has hit an all-new low of 3.5%.  There is a record number of Americans employed, which relates directly to the combination of Baby Boomers still working and Millennials entering the workforce.  There is also a slowing in manufacturing, with the PMI index declining 1.3 percentage points to 47.8 percent. Interest

Weekly Update: Good morning and happy Monday! The economic focus of the week has been the unrest in the repo market.  The New York Federal Reserve has stepped in and injected liquidity.  The rationalization for this lack of liquidity includes corporate tax payments, debt issuance, and lack of participation in the markets.  The Fed has pledged to keep funding markets until at least October 10th. The other news blanketing the

Weekly Update: Good morning and happy Monday! It is a great Monday, as the Detroit Lions are undefeated for the year. 2 wins, 1 tie,  and 0 losses.  Not the 3-loss start I imagined they would have at this point. My surprise with the Lions reminds me of my surprise on the consumers continued strength.  During this economic uncertainty (on TV), the consumer (watching Netflix) is not watching Broadcast TV

Weekly Update: Good morning! Uncertainty is in full swing, on this Monday morning.  We are seeing the videos of fires and billowing black smoke over the desert.  The hit to the oil infostructure in Saudi Arabia is significant.  And, the USA is a net oil exporter.  So, the changes in oil production will cause increases in pricing, but they will not disrupt our supply. Other issues boiling up this weekend

Weekly Update: Good morning! To quote Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” The 30-year US Treasury hit an all-time low, reaching 1.975%. The US Treasury yield curve officially inverted. The S&P 500 declined from a high of 3025 to 2888. The Detroit Lions are predicted to be 3 and 13….. enough said. McQueen Financial Announces its Industry and Economic Update: Budgeting for 2020

Weekly Update: Good morning! There is now over 41 trillion of government debt with negative yields.  Yes, it is hard to believe this.  Why would anyone give a government money and receive less when it matures?  There must be a belief that the other options are a lot worse.  Fear can drive irrational actions, and it appears to be working. Margin contraction is our biggest concern as we look forward. 

Weekly Update: Good morning! Before the weekly update, I would like to introduce our new team members in our Los Angeles, California office: Mr. Dan Frilot Dan is a Senior Consultant on the ALM Team at McQueen Financial Advisors in California.  Dan has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, including 25 years working directly with financial institutions.  Prior to joining McQueen Financial Advisors, Dan was Senior

Weekly Update: Good morning! I would like to introduce the MFA team members in our Albany, New York office: Mr. Matt Behar Matt is a Financial Consultant at McQueen Financial Advisors’ New York office.  Matt has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining McQueen Financial, he was the Assistant Vice President of Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Consulting for Balance Sheet Solutions. Mr. James Mathews Jim is an

Weekly Update: Good morning! When I was a kid, I can remember my Father saying, “Just relax and hold on a second.”  I now laugh as I hear myself say the same words to my daughter.  It is the full circle. With the “just relax” statement in mind, I think of the FOMC, Federal Funds futures, and the media.  We have gone from a “guaranteed three rate cuts in 2019”