Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuations

The Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation (MSR) process is an integral step in determining the overall financial success of a financial institution’s mortgage operations. By offering a personalized mortgage servicing rights valuation service, McQueen Financial Advisors will help your financial institution meet regulatory requirements as well as make informed financial decisions.

By outsourcing your MSR Valuation to McQueen Financial, you will have your needs met by:

  • An independent third-party market valuation
  • Risk-tranche reporting
  • Testing for impairment of value
  • Value reports for varying interest rate environments
  • Data integrity cross-checking
  • Sophisticated line-level loan analysis
  • Rigorous testing of valuation methods
  • Detailed prepay speed classifications
  • Simplified reporting

We value all types of servicing rights:

  • Residential real estate loans
  • Small Business Administration
  • Auto and recreational vehicle
  • Commercial servicing & participation Loans
  • Sub-servicing arrangements

McQueen Financial Advisors provides the following MSR related services:

  • MSR amortization schedules
  • Data validity checks
  • Assumption & audit report
  • Detailed executive summary with industry comparisons
  • Value trend analysis

McQueen Financial Advisors Original Mortgage Servicing Rights (OMSR) Valuation Service include:

  • Meeting accounting guidelines of ASC 860
  • Amortization, risk-tranching, and tracking of OMSRS
  • Loan-level performance reporting & scenario analysis
  • Reasonableness test of OMSR factors

McQueen Financial Advisors is a nationally recognized expert in MSR valuations.

We have the knowledge, technology, and market expertise to keep you prepared for changes in the marketplace.