Weekly Update:

Good Morning!

It is with great excitement and apprehension that I report I cut the cable cord. Yes, with a 4-year-old who loves to watch Princess Knight (children’s TV show) I cut the lifeblood of my daughter’s entertainment (at least I thought). I did, however, maintain internet service. An important point, as we still have access to the world.

Change is hard at first, at least for me. Within 3 minutes, my daughter found Disney Jr on the Apple TV and was watching the Cat in the Hat cartoons. She was happy and navigating the on-demand world of a new device. I was a bit off, as the old standard schedule of what was currently on each channel (time-based) was not an option. I now had to adapt to selecting the content I wanted versus looking at what was on at the moment. What a unique difference.

As we look at the flat yield curve, we need to step out of our immediate action view and focus on long-term decisions. Loan pricing, deposit pricing, and growth strategies should be our focus. These are areas that create long-term modifications to your financial institution and at times are a difficult commitment for people to make. The solutions take a bit of getting used to, just like my cable experience.

If you would like to have a conversation about profitability versus growth, please contact your advisor to discuss ways that we can help. All of us at McQueen Financial are dedicated to your long-term success.

Have a great week.

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