Weekly Update:

Good morning!

Happy July 8th:

A few fun facts:

  1. We are in the longest expansion recorded; we are ten years and eight days into this economic expansion.
  2. Jobs – from a bad report to now a good report (I am not surprised). The economy looks good.

Other thoughts of the day (new things to worry about or celebrate):

  1. Does anyone know all 19 Democrat presidential candidates’ names? I do not.
  2. There are a few cars stacking up on car dealer lots (according to the WSJ). Could it be that the sun finally came out and we are all at the beach?
  3. It is nearly impossible to find employees for the service industry.

On the economic front, the FOMC is still in the news way too much for my (and I am sure their) liking.  The Fed Funds futures now point in the direction of two 0.25% rate cuts this year, down from three.

There is still a lot of unknowns, so don’t make a bet today.

Contact your MFA advisor to discuss ways to grow profitability with an inverted yield curve.  All of us at McQueen Financial are dedicated to your long-term success.

Have a great week!


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