Weekly Update:

Happy summer!

We officially had the longest day of the year last week. It is fun, and tiring, that the sun sets at 9:30 PM in Michigan. My daughter goes to bed earlier when it is dark.

The economic world continues to roll forward with the economic expansion improving. Of concern is the focus on tariffs which may be based on the verbal comments or the negotiation tactics of the President. Either way, it is disruptive to businesses. I hope the long-term outcome is worth the process.

The yield curve continues to flatten with higher short-term rates. As we get closer to an inverted yield curve, we highly recommend that you understand the best possible duration of your bond portfolio. Why? If the yield curve inverted, you should have your duration at your goal duration. And potentially a little longer. This may be a big shift from a short duration for some people.

Contact your advisor to discuss the best duration for your investment portfolio.

Thank you and have a great week!

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