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Today’s Title: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… By Charley.

Two days in the spring:

In mid-May, we celebrate Mother’s Day, and a month later in mid-June, we celebrate Father’s Day.  The founder of the modern-day Mother’s Day is Anna Jarvis (Now all I can think of is the movie Iron Man) in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908.

Is Mother’s Day a financial success?  It is, and much more than Siblings day or Grandparent’s day.  Do you celebrate those?  Probably not, as Hallmark does not see much revenue for them.  Mother’s Day is the third largest card giving day with over 113 million cards in the USA.  Also, Mother’s Day is the second biggest gift-giving day, after Christmas.


We have seen a major improvement in the value of stocks over the past month or so.  We are back to near record highs combined with market and political volatility.  Times like this encourage me to review allocations to risk assets.

As I mentioned last week, the US unemployment rate fell to a 50 year low, so most college graduates will not be moving home for Mother’s day or Father’s day.

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