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Today’s Title: Derby, Rockets, and Unemployment… By Charley.


Lots of sports have interference rules.  Who knew the Kentucky Derby also had them?  Maximum Security (the un-winner) interfered with the other horses.  Thus, the 2nd place horse, Country House was announced the winner.  Conspiracy is sure to follow, as there were $6 million more win bets on Maximum Security.


Rocket Man, as the North Korean leader, has been nicknamed, launched what appears to be short-range missiles in a military drill.  It is unknown if the missile launching breaks any agreements, but either way, it is an unwelcome advance.

Israel and Hamas are trading rock strikes and other military action over the weekend.  Over 600 rockets have been launched from Gaza.

Too much rocket talk…


The US unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low.  There were a reported 263,000 jobs added in April, well above estimates.  This has resulted in the unemployment rate declining to 3.6%.

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