Weekly Update:

Good morning!

Today’s Title: Golf and Thrones: Both are games, by Charley.


Who knew that while lounging around at 9 am on a Sunday one could watch the Masters?  A little threat of rain and the game was moved up.  Tiger was able to fire up the crowd for his 5th victory at the Masters.  Who knew green jackets were so popular!


The 8th season of the HBO series Game of Thrones kicked off Sunday night.  The last episode in season seven had over 12 million live viewers.  HBO states that over 30 million people watch each episode.  The additional 18 million viewers are streaming and using other types of delayed viewing.  Does this remind you of branch traffic versus online and ATM’s?

The Economy:

The USA is doing great.  Low unemployment and lots of optimism.  The EU and the rest of the world (except Australia) is struggling with uncertainties and slowing economies.

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Have a great week!


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