Weekly Update:

Good morning!

It is a great morning in Michigan, as Michigan State (MSU) beat Duke to enter the Final Four in the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Duke, ranked number one and MSU, ranked number two have a history of one-sided outcomes.  MSU was 1-11 versus Duke entering this game.  The last time MSU won was in 2005.

The yield curve, just like my 4-year old daughter, has been jumping all over the place.  We have gone from a flat yield curve to an inverted yield curve to a jumbled-up curve.  The US Treasury yields:

3-month 2.39%

2-year 2.28%

3-year 2.24%

5-year 2.26%

7-year 2.35%

10-year 2.44%

It appears, as usual, that Craig Sicilia’s projection of a minor slow down and not a recession is what the bond market believes.  The de-inversion is a good sign for the economy.

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