Weekly Update:

Good morning!

Happy Monday after a not so super Super Bowl.  I am conflicted with the event.  Why?  Tom Brady is a Michigan man, so I am happy for him winning.  Yet it was a boring game.  I have to admit that I did fall asleep in the 4th quarter.

A defensive controlled, low scoring game is not the most exciting game for a casual fan.  This reminds me of an economy that is growing nicely and consistently.  Yes, a nice growing economy can be boring, and cause forecasters to look for problems.  Could this be where we are today?

I read an article this weekend in the Wall Street Journal that highlighted small business ($1 to $20 million in revenue) optimism.  The article focuses on the finding from their pool that 36% expect the economy to get worse and 14% expect the economy to improve.  Perception can become a reality.

The yield curve is still inverted, and the economic data is mixed.  We may be in the boring 3rd quarter of the economic cycle.

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