Weekly Update:

Good morning!

This week is looking like a darn good week.  Why am I so excited on a Monday?  To start with, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so we should have an early spring.  This is great news, since we live in a polar vortex, and my daughter has had more snow days than school days this year (slight exaggeration).   Also, daylight savings is only a month off, starting on March 10th.  Think spring.

On the economic data front, there is not a lot of discussions on the health of the housing market.  Certain markets, such as Las Vegas appear to be slowing.  Other markets are seeing inventory rise.  Is this just late winter blues, or is the market pausing?  We will know more in the next few weeks as new data will be released.

The yield curve is still inverted, with the one-year US Treasury yielding 2.52% which is more than the two (2.47%), three (2.44%), and five-year (2.45%%) US Treasury.  This is an inversion, but it is not the “official” inversion of the 3-month US Treasury to the 10-year US Treasury. Given that the FOMC has decided to leave rates unchanged for a while, we will be focused on data.

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