Weekly Update:

Good morning!

Democracy is the word of the week.

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to vote on a range of contests, from congressional seats all the way down to small-town mayoral races and county sheriffs. Mid-term elections historically have a low turnout, as it is not a presidential election.  This year, we are breaking the trend, and according to Time magazine, the early voting has eclipsed 30 million Americans. This is nearly 10% of the population of our country.

The uncertainty of the outcome is the norm. Why?

  1. Voters usually vote by their wallet. There are more job openings than unemployed people, a roaring stock market and overall a healthy  This would predict an incumbent would win (Republicans).
  2. There are 39 Republicans and 18 Democrats not running for reelection. This is the highest number of representatives not seeking election, since 1992.  There are a lot of close races.
  3. The national news is polarizing.

As we move past Tuesday, I will be happy to not see the campaign ads on billboards, newspapers, mail, email, and TV.  Although, this lack of advertising will last less than six months, as we will start to see the focus on 2010.

Have a great week.

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