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The news is a bit difficult to watch or read.  The main focus is both medical and political. The Coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, has grown substantially over the past week.  China is now reporting just under 3,000 people infected, and sadly 80 deaths.  Reports show the virus now in several other countries, including 5 cases in the USA.

On the political front, we have two updates.  One, the impeachment proceeding continues in the US Senate.  The outcome of the “trial” is still a ways off, but we see the continued political polarization.  Two, the Wall Street Journal reported a comparison of the Democratic candidate’s tax proposals.  There are a number of tax increases that would hit all Americans, regardless of wealth.  As the voters approach the elections, tax policy will be highlighted.  No one wants a marginal tax rate of above 50% unless you are running for President.

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