Weekly Update:

Good morning!

The US Government shut down has entered the 32nd day, and is by far the longest government shut down.  One is poised to ask the question: Does what has not been open for a month affect me?  Well, I can tell you with a resounding answer, yes, one thing.  My known traveler number expired, and I had to go through the full TSA screening.  I now miss the government being open.

The economy is chugging along, even with the political rhetoric.  The S&P 500 had a 52 week high of 2,940 and a low in December of 2,346.  Since the low, we have rebounded back to 2,670 today.  In percentage terms, we fell 20% from the high, and we have now recovered nearly 14%.  It has been a good recovery, and very quiet.

On a different note, I am excited for the super bowl on February 3rd (it is at 6:30 pm if you are wondering).  The games on Sunday were really exciting.  I look forward to LA beating New England.

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