Why work with McQueen Financial?

McQueen Financial provides fixed income investment portfolio management custom tailored to fit your financial institution’s unique needs.

We are not a broker. We do not earn commission. As a fixed income investment advisor, our approach is non-discretionary. You are involved in every step of the process, and give your approval prior to any fixed income investment purchase or sale. This approach allows you to maintain control and be the final decision maker.

How does McQueen Financial work for you?<

As a fixed income investment advisor, we will bring professional, in-house fixed income investment portfolio management to your financial institution at substantial savings. Our process is designed to develop a desired portfolio structure while focusing on your current income and total return with safety of principal.

  • Analyze your financial institution to develop a desired portfolio structure.
  • Develop your investment strategy in relation to your Asset Liability Management position.
  • Facilitate transactions and provide monthly Investment Reports.
  • Identify and analyze credit worthy opportunities to meet your objectives.
  • Provide continual monitoring of your investments to ensure long-term success.

Your financial institution will have an investment portfolio that is custom-tailored to its’ unique needs.

As your fixed income advisor, we will help you develop an investment policy, as well as manage a portfolio that is consistent with your policy. We will also update your policy annually, per regulatory requirements.

We are on your side. No more dealing with brokers and no more guessing. Simply sound investment advice.