Does McQueen Financial manage investments for individuals?

No. McQueen Financial is an institutional investor, managing investments for financial institutions.

Is McQueen Financial a broker?

No. McQueen Financial does not receive any commission from the sale or purchase of a security. We only manage portfolios for a fee, based on portfolio size.

My broker only charges me a nominal fee when I purchase a bond, why would I pay McQueen Financial a fee?

When you deal with a broker, you are only dealing with one person. A broker’s income is based on the spread on the “bid” or the “ask” on a security. We on the other hand, do business with several brokers to find you the right investment, at the right price.

Why would I use McQueen Financial for Asset/Liability Management (ALM)?

We will help you develop an effective ALM policy that will manage your interest rate risk, as well as provide you with information to help you make decisions to add to your bottom line. McQueen Finacial provides all of this in a timely fashion and at a cost-effective rate.

What else does McQueen Financial do?

Please call us today to learn about additional services.