Asset Liability Management

McQueen Financial Advisor’s Asset Liability Management (ALM) reports provide you with recommendations and strategies that will create actionable ideas to not only survive but to thrive. Our advice is based on your unique position and needs. We focus on providing you with the information needed to make informed decisions in the management of your balance sheet and add income to your bottom line.

Strategic advice and reliable reports are the two key takeaways from the McQueen Financial Advisors ALM reporting.

Strategic advice includes:

  • Forward-looking actionable strategic recommendations
  • Understanding the impact of different interest rate scenarios on profitability
  • Liquidity and capital management
  • Development of cost-effective marketing and growth strategy
  • Budget and scenario “what-If” analysis and planning
  • Educational opportunity for your Board of Directors
  • Product offering and design
  • Product pricing and profitability

Quality ALM reports include:
McQueen Financial Advisors ALM reports surpass regulatory requirements. The reports are delivered in two formats. The first report is an executive summary that is designed for all levels of management as well as your Board of Directors. The second, more detailed ALM package is designed for financial professionals, accountants and regulators.

In addition to our standard ALM reports, McQueen Financial Advisors offers several additional ALM related analytical reports. The reports are designed to enhance the value of your ALM reports and provide additional insights into your interest rate risk position and balance sheet. These optional reports have significant value for clients, especially as they grow in size and complexity.

Additional Reports:

  • Core Deposit Study
  • Loan Prepayment Speed Analysis
  • Assumption Sensitivity Analysis
  • ALM Back Testing
  • ALM Validation
  • Liquidity Stress Testing
  • Concentration Risk Analysis

At McQueen Financial Advisors, our knowledge is your success.