McQueen Financial Advisor’s Asset Liability Management (ALM) reports will provide you with recommendations and strategies that are designed to fit your unique needs and provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions and add income to your bottom line.


  • Your Asset Liability Management (ALM) report is focused on strategic recommendations.
  • Your ALM report is a beneficial tool for modeling your financial institution in many different rate scenarios.
  • Your ALM recommendations will include liquidity and capital management strategies.
  • Your ALM report will develop a cost-effective marketing and growth strategy.
  • Your ALM report will provide several What-If analysis reports.
  • Your ALM meetings are a beneficial and educational event for your Board of Directors.
  • Your ALM reports are provided in a full ALM expert pack that includes a consolidated executive summary so all levels of   management can participate in ALM.
  • Your ALM report will surpass all regulatory requirements.

Asset Liability Management Review and Validation

McQueen Financial offers Asset Liability Management Review and Asset Liability Validation services designed exclusively for financial institutions. We will review your input data, assumptions and the results of our review will be reported in your Asset Liability model.

Our Asset Liability reviews validate the assumptions and interest rate risk measurement methodology for appropriateness to industry and regulatory standards. We also review the reasonableness of Asset Liability Management report results and trends relative to the financial institution’s data inputs and assumptions utilized.

This service provides evidence that your Asset Liability Management model has been reviewed for the validity of data input, appropriateness of the assumptions, adequacy of risk measurement and reasonableness of trends and results.

By utilizing our ALM service, you will be able to save time, help reduce future risk, and add income to your bottom line.