McQueen Financial Advisor’s Asset and Liability Management (ALM) reports will provide ALCO and your Board of Directors with recommendations and strategies that are designed to fit your unique needs and provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions.

Time is money. As a banking professional, you know this all too well as you have a multitude of jobs and limited time to efficiently manage them all. McQueen Financial Advisors specializes in helping financial institutions achieve their objectives by saving them time and adding money to their bottom line. We can help your institution gain a competitive advantage in an ever-changing industry.

In addition to our ALM reporting, we offer several additional reports to help you keep up with the pulse of your financial institution and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

These reports include:

  • ALM Backtesting
  • ALM Validation
  • Assumption Sensitivity
  • Concentration Risk Analysis
  • Core Deposit Studies
  • Custom Reports
  • Economic Value of Equity
  • Gap Analysis
  • Gradual Rate Changes
  • Historic Analysis
  • Income Simulation
  • Indirect Loan Analysis
  • Liquidity Stress Testing
  • Liquidity Review
  • Prepayment Speed Analysis
  • Shock Test
  • Variable Rate Changes

By utilizing our ALM service, you will be able to save time, help reduce future risk, and add income to your bottom line.