McQueen Financial Advisors

Our focus will always be on the personal relationships we have with our clients.

Who We Are

McQueen Financial Advisors (MFA) was founded in 1999 as an SEC-registered investment advisory firm providing investment management services to financial institutions. Quickly, we determined that sound expert investment advice required that we fully understood our clients’ interest rate risk position. This led to McQueen Financial Advisors providing a full suite of asset liability management services and interest rate risk reporting for our clients.

Our first investment advisory and ALM client was in a small town in southern Michigan. Today, McQueen Financial Advisors serves hundreds of financial institutions nationwide. We are an advisor, not a broker. We do not receive commissions. We firmly believe that all clients deserve personal attention based on their unique situation and needs.

Our success has been predicated on putting our clients’ first. We work with clients to understand their balance sheet, income statement, business plan, and objectives. Throughout the years, we have built strong partnerships with our clients that have helped them accomplish what they have set out to do and allowed them to sleep better at night.

McQueen Financial Advisors is committed to providing best in class services to our clients. Our service includes expert advice and concise documentation by our acclaimed reports.

Expert Advice

We now advise financial institutions in nearly every state of the United States of America and the territories. Our advisors are focused on providing you with facts and actionable ideas to ensure your long-term success. All of us at McQueen Financial Advisors are focused on helping you thrive into the future.

Comprehensive Reports

Accompanying our expert advice are our reports that provide the documentation to support the strategic decisions. McQueen Financial Advisors’ reports are considered best in class. We constantly incorporate feedback from our clients, regulators, and auditors to keep our reports best in class. We are committed to providing comprehensive, accurate and easy to understand reports that you can rely upon.

Please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to best serve your needs.

References are available upon request.